Increase your performance with sport-specific training and nutrition right at home


The New Standard of Living for Elite Athletes

Why Hockey homes?

Hockey teams across North America are struggling to find suitable accommodations for Elite Athletes.
Existing Issues

Lack of billet families available to meet the demand and number of players.

The result? Less than ideal living situations.

Teams get stuck with year-to-year temporary deals

rather than having long term guarantees

Athletes are the ones affected

and in some cases, disadvantaged which impacts their athletic performance and enjoyment.

Hockey Homes caters to the three main pillars that help enhance an elite hockey players performance:

Pillar 1

Long term stable housing.

Pillar 2

Camaraderie amongst the athletes fostering a growth-centric environment that will enhance their athletic performance.

Pillar 3

Safe, clean and comfortable accommodations that help support an athletes nutritional and training needs (both physical and mental).


With first hand knowledge of problems in the existing system, Hockey Homes aims to solve these problems and are the first to address what really matters -- The Players!
Providing safe, comfortable and supporting housing geared to athletic performance puts at ease the minds of the players, their families and their team leadership.
Teams/Players will increase their competitiveness with sport-specific training and nutrition right at home.

What we provide

Total Development Package

We offer an experience unlike any other in the hockey community. The housing will be specifically tailored for elite athletes to maximize their growth in the sport, but also as people.

Training Facilities

Our goal will be to provide at home access to everything young athletes need including education on their proper uses. This includes: a gym, training area, nutrition program, online sport-specific training programs, and mindset focus. (potentially a sauna/ice bath as well!)


Working closely with our network of Advisors/Agents to form a strong connection and feeder system in and out of these programs.

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